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Please See The Introduction and Links Below For Our Four Broadcast Series.

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The Author of "A Precise Translation"

Dr. Fred Wittman, in preparation for missionary service, studied the Bible and Theology at Philadelphia School of the Bible; Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma and in preparation for overseas missionary service, intense, condensed, Medical Training at The Missionary Health Institute, Ontario, Canada. He later received a B.S. in Bible at Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA; an M.B. at Capital Bible Seminary, Lanham, MD; and a Doctor of Ministries from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, OR. His experience includes church planting and pastoring (33 years), evangelism (6 years), training men for the ministry (15 years), and radio ministry (25 years). He was founder, principal, and professor of Australian Bible Seminary for 11 years. In addition to Seminary duties he has been the publisher and editor of HERMENEUO (8 years), and also the author of numerous books and tracts.

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ABOUT THE SERIES: Dr. Fred Wittman assists the listener in comprehending the world's best seller since the printing press was invented by John Guttenberg in A.D. 1455. This first series lays the foundation for understanding what the Bible is, how the Bible came to be, and what the Bible is worth to God and to mankind and what It can mean for you. Learn about the Bible in order to understand what the Bible says. A focus upon 8 characteristics of the Bible: including theme, purpose, and structural, historical, and doctrinal unity, inexhaustible depths, indestructibility and unique origin. Then we will study The Work of God's Word, which includes Communication, Conviction, Salvation, Regeneration, Sanctification, Correction, Conversion, Instruction, and Provision of Spiritual Needs followed by Twelve Misunderstood Mysteries of The Bible Made Manifest and The Seven Baptisms of The Bible, plus many other Doctrines not often taught. After this we launch into a study of Biblical Theology in a survey of the Old Testament first and then the New Testament. Incorporated in these studies is a chronological outline tracing the events of the Bible from creation through the first century A.D. substantiated from Scripture.

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ABOUT THE SERIES: Dr. Fred Wittman focuses attention on the only One through Whom it is possible for anyone who deeply desires to enter into a Sonship relation with The Only True God. That One is The Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ. Two aspects of knowing The Savior are: God's part in providing the way and means by which a human being can become a son of God and man's part in fulfilling his responsibility to act upon God's provision through The Savior and appropriate it for oneself. Further studies include the Last Week in the Life of Christ, Discipleship -- The Life that Counts; the Call, the Conditions and Cost, the Confirmation, and the Code of Discipleship, And Jesus' Command to Disciple. These studies are followed by Seven Basic Lessons in the Life in Christ: God's Word, Your Worth, Worry, Your Walk, World, Work, and Worship. Then a study of the four stages of the spiritual life is considered followed by the many names, titles, and aspects of Christ: Jesus, Christ, Lord, Savior, Prince of Peace, Prince of Life, Prophet , High Priest, Shepherd, Lamb of God, King, Judge etc.

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ABOUT THE SERIES: Dr. Fred Wittman reads from "The New Testament - A Precise Translation", a comparison of the more than 4500 Byzantine/Majority Textform extant manuscripts with the Textus Receptus. Enjoy the direct communication from The One True and Living God, given to man centuries ago, preserved through the ages, recently translated and read by Dr. Fred Wittman.

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ABOUT THE SERIES: Dr. Fred Wittman assists the listener in the important task of personal Bible Study by opening and explaining the sacred pages in a thorough and systematic way and by leading in a relevant, inspiring and beneficial study of the precious truths of God's Holy Written Word in a setting of musical enhancement. For additional and increased benefit, download the study notes indicated before commencing each broadcast and follow along with Dr. Wittman, taking notes as he proceeds through the study. Dr. Wittman opens this series by asking and and answering the question, Why study the Bible . . . Properly? The answer involves: the accountability each one must give to God in Judgement Day according to 2 Timothy 2:15; and how to study for approval by God. Many improper hermeneutics prevalent today ( hyperliteral or letterism, allegorical, typological, all devotional or pietistic, liberal theological, topological, neo-orthodox, existential-experiential, an all evangelistic hermeneutics) are briefly explained and contrasted with the historical, grammatical, contextual, cultural, and literal (plain and figurative language) hermeneutic. Then great words of Scripture are considered such as: grace, mercy, love, peace, righteousness, holiness, salvation, reconciliation, repentance, redemption, forgiveness, prayer, justification, sanctification, etc. beginning with faith.


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