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Notes by Dr. Fred Wittman
Word #1: The What of The Bible

INTRODUCTION: In order to understand what the Bible says, we must
  understand what the Bible is, what the Bible is not, and how the Bible is

  I. What the Bible Is Not:
   A. An anthology;
   B. Any ordinary religious book;
   C. A printed gathering of sayings and stories;
   D. Just a compilation of verses not related to each other;
   E. Does not contain the Word of God.

 II. What the Bible Is:
   A. The very Word of God;
   B. The perfect record of God communicating to human beings;
   C. A complete and connecting story of the historical background of
        and the reason for the coming of The Messiah;
   D. A Record of God's communication to man covering a span c. 1700

III. How The Bible Is Composed:
   A. The Fivefold Unity of The Bible
      1. Unity of Theme
          The Theme of The Bible: The Coming of The Messiah and His Kingdom
          of Righteousness and Peace.
      2. The Purpose of The Bible: To Teach the Plan of Redemption.
          a. Purpose of The Old Testament: To Present The Lord Jesus Christ
              as The Coming Redeemer.
          b. Purpose of The New Testament: To Present The Lord Jesus Christ
              as The Redeemer Who Came.
      3. The Structural Unity of The Bible: Two Testaments: History,
          Teachings, and Prophecy in each.
      4. The Historical Unity of The Bible: more than forty authors presenting
          one complete, connecting story without contradiction or error.
      5. The Doctrinal Unity of The Bible: a harmony of teaching over a
          span of seventeen centuries.

    B. Four Unique Characteristics of The Bible:
      1. The Inexhaustible Depths of The Bible (Rev. 22:18;19; Deut. 4:2;
          12:32; Eccl. 3:14).
      2. The Indestructibility of The Bible: survived all attempts to eradicate it.
      3. The Unique Ability of The Bible: to Change Lives.
      4. The Unique Origin of The Bible: God Himself (2 Peter 1:21).

The Bible is exactly what it claims to be, a perfect, supernatural
  record of The Written Word of God.

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