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      We are grateful for the many responses, requests for materials, and your e-mails. It is deemed necessary to inform our viewers and listeners of the purpose of our ministry and the policy by which we operate.

      The vital purpose of Happy Heralds, Inc. is to seek to fulfill ‘the great commission.’ A careful observance of The Lord Jesus Christ’s commandments to His disciples recognizes two parts to the commission that are to be obeyed. Mark recorded that Jesus commanded, “Journey unto the entire world and proclaim The Gospel as an herald to every creature!” (Mk. 16:15 APT). Luke added, “. . . it was absolutely necessary for The Christ to suffer and to resurrect out of dead ones on the third day and for repentance and forgiveness of sins are to be proclaimed as an herald on the basis of His name unto all the nations, beginning away from Jerusalem” (Lk. 24:47 APT). Then Matthew completed the last commands of Jesus to His disciples just prior to His ascension, “All authority is given to Me in Heaven and upon Earth. Therefore journey& and consecutively disciple[train unto maturity by intimate process] |people of | all the nations, then baptize them in the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit and repeatedly teach them publicly to keep all~ things watchfully secure as many as I commanded you &! And lo! I Myself am being continually with[in midst of] you& all the days until the consummation of the age” (Mt, 28:19,20 APT).

      Since The Lord Jesus Christ emphasized both proclaiming The Gospel by word of mouth which is to include repentance and forgiveness of sins and discipleship of people of all nations (which involves personally training to maturity by an intimate process), it is imperative for us to put emphasis upon discipleship and focus concern to bring converts to maturity. We are not involved in, nor is it our policy to engage in mass indiscriminate distribution of tracts. It is not our purpose freely to supply large amounts of tracts for someone or ones to stand on a street corner, in a market place or shopping mall, or other venue to hand out indiscriminately as many tracts as possible in a short time and not follow-up for discipleship, but report how many were reached with The Gospel by how many tracts were given out. (Because they have been given a tract explaining the way of Salvation, it does not mean they have been reached with The Gospel unless they fully read it.) Our purpose for offering free tracts and discipleship materials is three fold: (1) to present The Gospel effectively to those interested in coming to a knowledge of Salvation and Eternal Life, (2) to enable disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ to have, in reasonable quantities used wisely and discriminately, the necessary tools to assist them with content so that they have examples of how to communicate The Gospel effectively, and (3) to use them with intent for follow-up so that the prospect or convert (as the case may be) has The Gospel in print and an address to contact for follow-up for discipleship. Then contact should be made to engage in discipleship with that one making contact.

      The God has set the pattern to reach humans with His Truth and by His example He has imparted the method to reach people with His Word by word of mouth. From Adam to Moses The God exclusively used word of mouth to communicate with man. Not until after The God gave to Moses and he told the congregation of Israel all that God communicated to him, was communication by word of mouth followed by The Written Word. This served to reinforce the spoken Word and to provide a reference to what The God had already spoken.

      This pattern was repeated by The Lord Jesus Christ in His ministry. The Gospel was proclaimed exclusively by word of mouth after Pentecost A.D. 33 for approximately eleven years before it was followed by a small portion of The Written Word by James and then Matthew. It took another fifty plus years to complete The Written Word of twenty-seven New Testament books. Every copy was transcribed by hand by scribes who took care and performed slow, tedious work. Not until A.D. 1450, when the printing press was invented, were printed copies available for distribution. All this time, even until this present time The God has followed the age-old method of communicating The Gospel by word of mouth.

      Paul reinforced the use of this method by word of mouth to the Romans when he wrote,

“. . . But how shall they commit trust upon Whom they did not hear? Then how shall they hear apart from |one| proclaiming as an herald? In fact how shall they proclaim as an herald unless they be sent[with commission]? So then the faith |is| by means of hearing. Then the hearing through God’s declaration[spoken word]” (Rom. 10:14b-15a,17 APT).

  Since this is the pattern that The God has exclusively used and maintained for over 6000 years and has stipulated in Romans that this is the correct method, should we not do His work in His way if indeed we are to be used to achieve results? And since The Lord Jesus Christ Himself commanded to communicate The Truth by word of mouth, can we do any less than obey?

      Therefore, since we must be good stewards of The Lord’s Word, The Gospel, The Truth, and His finances and we must give an account to Him when He comes again, it behooves us to carefully and discreetly use all that He puts in our care. With this in mind, we respectfully request that you consider these truths when requesting quantities and request only as many as you can prayerfully and wisely use in following up those to whom you have spoken and hope to engage in discipleship. Thank you! Keep up the good work of telling others by word of mouth and discipling those you are able to lead to Christ. May The God bless you as you seek to fulfill the great commission.

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[ ]basic meaning
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