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by Dr. Fred Wittman
Recently Dr. Wittman was invited to speak to a congregation in New Jersey. He was requested to address the subject, ‘What is The Gospel?’’ These are his notes on the subject with some explanation interspersed. Firstly, the Introduction includes two requisite Scriptures in order to properly and adequately deal with the subject and two of the most important axioms of the eighteen axioms Dr. Clinton Lockhart included in his book entitled, Principles of Interpretation, printed in the eighteenth century. Also included in the Introduction is a brief description of four of the five gospels mentioned in The New Testament in addition to The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. Then these notes focus on the question, What is The Gospel of The Lord Jesus. It is noted that there are Twelve Specifications or Titles of This Gospel in The New Testament. This is followed by The Substance of This Gospel and finally The Support of This Gospel.


from a Theocentric Approach
by Dr. Fred Wittman
Although there are several methods guidelines for presenting The Gospel, most of them have an anthropocentric approach starting with man. The author adapted (not adopted) such an approach in his pastoral ministry many years ago and numerous times lost the interest of the prospect even before he could present The Lord Jesus Christ. Then over twenty years ago, an examination of Paul's approach to the idolatrous Greek philosophers at Athens caused him to change his approach. These highlights based upon Paul's approach at Mars Hill (Acts 17:23-26) present an outline and notes to present The Gospel from a Theocentric Approach which addresses God and Christ after getting the attention of the prospect. This approach has proven to be more profitable. It is only presented to provide assistance in presenting The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who are involved in discipleship, either discipling others to reach others or are being discipled to do so. Some illustrations are taken from the earlier adapted use of Evangelism Explosion, the others are the author's.

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Discipleship Section

        We want to help you make disciples for The Lord Jesus Christ. So we are offering help to those involved in discipling others through the use of How to Mature in Christ books. Firstly, order a copy via e-mail of First Stage Babes for yourself. Then, go through Lesson 1 and 2 and e-mail the answers to Info@HappyHeralds.org. We will go through the answers and e-mail the corrections to you. While waiting for the corrections, you may go on to Lesson 3 and 4 and repeat the procedure. When you have satisfactorily completed all the questions in the First Stage Babes book for yourself, you may request additional copies by submitting a signed confirmation of each one you intend to began discipling with that one’s printed name and address stating: ‘‘I am committing myself before The God to complete acceptably all the answers to all the lessons in this book’’. When engaged in discipling others, Bi-monthly progress reports are expected of each one being discipled.

If you want to order the How to Mature in Christ Book Please Click Here

Decision Card
About The Card: After leading some one to make a decision to commit trust to The Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation, follow that commitment by going over the decision card. Then get him or her to sign and date it so that he or she has a record of that momentous occasion when new life in Christ began.

Wheel Card
About The Card: After the convert signs the decision card, reinforce that decision by following up, using the wheel card. The wheel card can also be used to diagnose where a professing believer really stands with regard to Salvation in Christ.

Instructions on How to Use the Wheel Card IN PDF FORMAT Click this link to download an excellent PDF document Reader: This takes you to the Foxit Reader Download Page.
About The Instructions: The instructions explain the need for growth, prayer, Bible reading, obedience, witnessing, and resisting temptation to sin, and the need: of influence for growing and for The Church. It also explains the influence of doubting The God and victory over sinning.

This is a list of ten evidences which Scripture provides with references supporting each. Those involved in evangelism and discipling others will find these helpful in discerning where the inquirer or prospect for discipleship truly stand in relationship to The Lord Jesus Christ. They are helpful in evaluating ourselves as well as others in this regard.

Missions Section

The apostle Paul introduced a unique term to the Philippians in his Epistle to them from prison in Rome early in A.D. 63. In response to an extraordinary appearance in which Paul saw a man of Macedonia, Paul sailed to Macedonia and traveled to Philippi, its chief city, a colony of Rome. He spent a few days preaching The Gospel there and was successful in establishing a small church before being asked by magistrates to leave the city in early A.D. 51. In this paper the author examines The New Testament use of this term which Paul introduced, Fellowship in The Gospel. This topic relates to Stewardship and to Missions. After explaining the meaning of Fellowship in The Gospel, the requirements necessary to consummate Fellowship in The Gospel are examined, followed by the seven benefits that result from Fellowship in The Gospel.

       Have you wondered: why our materials are freely available without charge, and why The Gospels: A Precise Translation is ‘‘Not to be sold’’?
       This leaflet answers this question and explains what Scripture clearly states both the way not to finance The Work of The God in the building The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ and the way the work for The True and Genuine God expects His bondslave disciples to conduct and finance His work in building His Church through ‘‘Fellowship in The Gospel.’’
       This little understood and seldom practiced principle is explained along with the Reality of, Requirements for, and Results of ‘Fellowship in The Gospel.’’ It also demonstrates how The Early Church practiced ‘Fellowship in The Gospel.’’ The eight benefits of ‘Fellowship in The Gospel’’ are listed and discussed.
Remember God’s principles never change, but methods do and are changed by humans!

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