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Notes by Dr Fred Wittman


       Often the question is asked, What will we, who are going to Heaven, be doing all the time after we get to Heaven? We must stand before the Bayma (Judgment Seat on Steps) and be judged for our works, but what then? Eternity is a long time to spend with nothing or not much to do? Does Scripture provide an answer?

       Some years ago while preaching in a church in Australia in which several men were students in a ‘‘Bible college,’’ in the course of the sermon ‘the importance for every truly regenerated person to faithfully study God’s Word throughout his or her life because we will resume our study in Heaven where we leave off down here on Earth’ was mentioned. Some did not appreciate the challenge to study throughout life. After the service I was approached and questioned how this concept could be substantiated from Scripture, especially in light of 1 Corinthians 13:12. After requesting his address and a promise to see that he receives a written explanation, the eight reasons listed below were given.

      But first it is necessary to understand that the term ‘Heaven’ is often used in the following ways:

Firstly, it designates the location of the throne of The One True God (2 Chron.18:18; Psa. 11:4; Isa. 66:1; Mt. 5:34).

Secondly, it designates the location where the angels of God, the living creatures who serve God day and night, and all the host of Heaven are located (Mt. 18:10; 22:30; 24:36; Mk. 12:25; 13:32; Rev. 4:1-9; 5:6-8,11; 7:11; 1 Kings 22:19).

Thirdly, it designates the abode where the dead regenerated children of God and the Old Testament saints are located. Before the death of The Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrection, the abode of the dead was called Shiloh in Hebrew and Háh-ihdays in the Greek. This abode for the dead souls and spirits of humans was divided into two compartments in the lowest parts of the Earth (Ps. 63:9; Eph. 4:9) which are separated by a great gulf fixed between them (Lk. 16:19-23,25,26). While on the cross The Lord Jesus Christ told the repentant criminal being crucified together with Him, Today you shall be with Me in Paradise. This was the abode of old Testament saints, also called Abraham’s Bosom. As Jesus expired He deposited His spirit with His Father (Lk. 23:46). When He rose again from the grave, He ascended into Heaven’s height and led “captivity captive,” that is He led those in captivity in Abraham’s Bosom captive to Himself. The spirits and souls of the dead saints to be held captive in Paradise with all the souls and spirits of those redeemed by the blood of The Lord Jesus Christ and regenerated by The Holy Spirit who die(d) after Pentecost and before The Lord Jesus Christ comes in the air for His Church (1 Thess. 4:14-17).

Note that the Scriptural term describing the state of those who die in Christ is the perfect tense of Koimáomai which means ‘to repose in sleep, to lie dead.’ Their spirits and souls are perpetually in conscious bliss in the presence of the Lord, while their bodies are corrupting in their graves awaiting that sound of the most beautiful trio ever to fall on human ears: The Lord’s shouted directive, the archangel’s call, and God’s trumpet. At that time the spirits and souls of “the dead in Christ shall be resurrected first” and be united with their resurrected glorified bodies, and we, the redeemed ones “shall be snatched away together with them in shaped clouds for the purpose of a meeting up with The Lord in the air” (1 Thess. 4:14-17 APT).

Fourthly, it indicates the sphere of the heavenly bodies, i.e. stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, and universes (Gen. 1:8,14-18) and the location of the forces of darkness: Satan, principlalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritually wicked ones in the celestials (Eph. 6:12).

Fifthly, it indicates the atmosphere where the winged fowl and birds of the air fly (Gen.1:20; Mt. 13:32).


Why it Can Be Said That We (The Children of God) Will Resume Our Study and Learning from The Word of God in Heaven Where We Leave off on Earth.

There are Eight Reasons:

1. Because of the principle indicated by John (Revelation 5:1-5), in which passage John was caught up to heaven and was given insight to the events immediately after the rapture, a sealed book was opened and he was taught of future events little by little, event by event, (line by line).

2. Because God's principle of instruction is progressive revelation, precept by precept and not all at once (Isaiah 28:9,10,13). This text refers to the Millennium (vs. 5,6 cf. 2:11,12; 11:1-12; 12:4-6; 25:8,9) and indicates future learning. The Millennium is the time following the Tribulation and begins immediately after The return of The Lord Jesus Christ to Earth, His victory at Armageddon, and The Judgment of the Nations (Matthew 24:29-31; 25:31-46).

3. Isaiah prophesied of the Millennium during which time God’s people will be taught (Isaiah 2:1-4; 54:13).

4. Micah also prophesied of the Millennium and repeated God’s words which Isaiah related, God will teach His people His ways at that time (Micah 4:1,2).

5. Ezekiel prophesied of the temple and its reconstruction and renewed service to God for worship in the Millennium. He indicated that His people will be taught in the Millennium (Ezekiel 44:23).

6. In the Millennial era there will be instruction, just as John and the twenty-four elders (twelve representatives of the Old Testament saints and twelve representatives of the church) will be instructed by Christ in Heaven as He alone prevailed to open the seven sealed scroll and reveal its contents (Revelation 5:1-5).

7. The Lord Jesus Christ indicated that faithfulness will be rewarded by an assessment and by delegating a number of cities over which to rule in the Millennium (Luke 19:12-26 ). According to the way the early kingdom-nation of Israel was ruled, those who rule are responsible to teach (Deuteronomy 17:8-12; 24:8; 33:8-10; 1 Samuel 12:23; 2 Kings 17:27;; Ezra 7:25; Ezek. 44:15,23,24). The chief priests, Levites (scribes: copiers, scholars, and teachers of the Old Testament Scriptures), princes, and elders, mostly together collectively, are those who ruled the people of Israel. Even the king of Israel was commanded to write a copy of the Torah, read It every day and obey Its precepts (Deuteronomy 17:18,19) though apparently most kings were disobedient. Note the ministry of the princes, Levites, and priests in the revival in Judah in the third year of the reign of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 17:7-10). Also note the ministry of the Levites (v.7) as Ezra read the Book of the Law of Moses at the water gate in c. 420 B.C. (Nehemiah 8:1-9). As in the Kingdom of Israel the people were taught by those selected by God to read, study, and teach the people, so it shall be in the purified Kingdom of Heaven (tares, unclean birds, and bad fish cast out cf. Matthew 13:24-30,36-43,47-50) in the Millennium, those of the Gentile nations who cared for the Jewish brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ during the Tribulation will be taught as well as His brothers (see above: 2,3,4,5). How can we effectively teach the knowledge of The Word of God? We must be taught before we can teach, judge, and rule in the Millennium. This must take place after the Bayma -- ‘Judgment Seat on Steps’ (Rom. 14:10-12; 2 Cor. 5:10,11) and before The Marriage Supper of The Lamb (Rev. 19:6-9), because immediately thereafter Jesus mounts His white horse and returns to Earth and the armies of Heaven together with Him on white horses (Rev. 19:11-16; v. 14 cf. v. 8).

Thus it appears that we (the saints who have studied faithfully) will have the responsibility to teach in the Millennium as we are given cities of the Gentiles over which to rule (Luke 19:12-26). Shame plus less delegation of responsibility in our reign with Christ will be the portion of those who do not persistently learn as The Lord Jesus Christ’s disciples (Matthew 11:28-30) and fully fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Is not this teaching responsibility in the Millennium another reason to carefully, persistently and faithfully obey The Lord’s command to consecutively make disciples and teach them publicly rather than shortcut the process and be only concerned with getting converts. “Winning souls” is not found in the New Testament (only in Proverbs 11:30). And it is to be noted that Solomon mentioned it not as a command, but only as an observation. But the Greek word meaning “to disciple” and its cognate meaning “to learn as a disciple disciple” is found several times in the New Testament (Matthew 11:29; 27:57; 28:19; Romans 16:17; Ephesians 4:20; Philippians 4:9,11; Colossians 1:7; 2 Timothy 3:14,15; etc.). And among His last words before ascending to Heaven commanded to disciple people of all nations (Mt. 28:19,20).

8. There is no indication anywhere in Scripture that God's people will have all God's truth, passages difficult to understand, and unrevealed truth (to date) automatically clearly implanted in their minds. This violates God's principle of instructing His people precept by precept as indicated in the cited Scriptures above. Though we are not under law, God’s principles set forth in the Old Testament are timeless. Specific statutes, commandments, and judgments under the Mosaic Law have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s life and obedience and are no longer binding upon those redeemed by the Blood of Christ and regenerated by The Holy Spirit (Romans 4:13-16; 6:11-18). But God’s principles remain the same. He changes not, but remains the Same in perpetuity (Hebrews 1:10-12; 13:8)

      Those who object to this truth that we shall resume learning from where we stopped learning on Earth, but rather hold that we shall automatically be endued with all knowledge when we receive our glorified bodies refer to 1 Corinthians 13:12 as substantiation of their position and a contradiction to the preceding teaching. A glorified body will provide us with a mind capable of grasping, understanding, and retaining all the truth of God, but does not automatically endue us with a thorough experiential knowledge of God’s Word. That must be learned precept by precept, line upon line, doctrine upon doctrine.

In A Precise Translation this verse reads,

“For this present time we see through a mirror in an enigma, but at that time face to face. This present time I *know [from experience] by portions [out of parts], but at that time I shall thoroughly *know [from experience] for myself according as also I am being thoroughly *known [from experience] ” (1 Corinthians 13:12).

There are seven Greek words that pertain to knowledge:

suníaymi - to understand (Ephesians 5:17; Romans 3:11); noun form is sunesis - understanding;

      oîda - to perceive or be aware (1 Corinthians 8:4; John 3:2,3);

      noéO - to comprehend with the mind (Ephesians 3:4,20);

epístamai - to be acquainted with or to know intellectually, i.e. cognitive knowledge (Acts 19:15; 18:25); noun form is epistáym0n - intellectually knowledgeable (James 3:13);

*gin0skO - to know by experience or ascertain (1 John 2:3-5; Romans 11:34);

*epign0skO - to thoroughly know by experience, recognize (Colossians 1:9,10; Luke 24:16,31);

      gn0rízO - to make known (John 16:15 ; Ephesians 3:3,5).

Two* of these are used in the text from which objections to this truth are based. Note the kind of knowledge (“from experience”) expressed in this text and how they relate to the truth at hand. How can thorough experiential knowledge gained only by experience be imparted at once? If this was the intended meaning, the Holy Spirit would have prompted or controlled Paul to use epístamai instead of epign0skO.

      Yes! There are many mysteries in God’s Word which are too difficult to understand now, but when we receive our glorified bodies with renewed minds we will be able to understand when they are explained in Heaven. But there are many mysteries explained in the New Testament, mostly by Paul. These can be understood by study if we will undertake being discipled by one who has been discipled.

CONCLUSION: We are going to stand before the Bayma (Judgment Seat on Steps) and be judged for our works and the one work Jesus commanded to do is, Make disciples. We cannot disciple others unless we are discipled ourselves, how will one answer at that judgment who would not apply himself to be discipled (learn and follow Christ) and therefore was inadequate to disciple others?

        Can there be any question about the need to keep studying God’s Word now so that when we get to glory we will have a solid basis to resume our learning without shame? Shame because we did not put forth the effort and take the time to study God’s Word as good disciples. A weak, shallow, naive knowledge of God’s Word does not prepare anyone with a healthy mind to rule with Christ and teach others in the Millennial Kingdom. But rather may we hear The Lord’s commendation because we were faithful in taking the time and putting forth the effort to study God’s Word, so that we may rule over and teach the inhabitants of at least one city in the Millennium!

 If one does not enjoy studying God’s Word here on Earth in this life, how can that one expect to enjoy Heaven where we will continue learning the deep things of God that can not be understood and learned here on Earth? How will you arrange your priorities on Earth to properly prepare for eternal recognition and commendation by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself?


A Precise Translation by Dr. Fred Wittman

Note: Please look up in other translations the Old Testament Scripture references and compare the New Testament passages to A Precise Translation below.

Ephesians 4:9: (Now the[article of direct thought] |fact|, He ascended, what is it except that he also descended first unto the lower parts of the Earth?

Luke 16:19-26: 19Now a certain human was a rich+ one. And he was continually clothing himself with a purple cloke and fine linen[tunic], and was luxuriously cheerful from day to day. 20But Láhzahrohs by name, was a certain poor+ one, who had been cast at his /gateway ulcerated 21and earnestly desiring to be satisfied with food from the little crumbs which fell from the rich+ one’s /table. But[on the contrary] even the dogs were repeatedly coming and licking off his /ulcers. 22And it came to pass that the poor+ one died off. And he was carried away by the angels into the bosom of /Abraham. Then the rich+ one died off also and he was buried. 23In /Hell[Háhihdays, temporary abode.of departed human spirits] he lifted up his /eyes, existing in tortures&[torments], and he beholds /Abraham from afar off and Láhzahrohs in his /bosoms&. 24And he himself called and he said, Father Abraham, be merciful to me at once! And send Láhzahrohs! in order that he dip the tip[extremity] of his /finger in water and cool down my /tongue because I am continually anguishing in this /flame. 25But Abraham said, Child, remember that you$ yourself fully received your$ /beneficially /good~ things in your$ /absolute life and in like manner Láhzahrohs the evil~ things. But now he is being continually comforted here and you& yourself are continually being anguished. 26And in addition to all these~ things, a great chasm stands firmly fixed between ourselves and yourselves so that the+ ones determinedly willing to traverse from this place to[the face of] you& are not able, neither do the+ ones from there ever cross through to[the face of] us.

Luke:23:46: And when /Jesus called with a loud[great] call,He said,[Ps. 31:5a] Father, into Your$ hands I deposit[place] for Myself My /spirit. And after saying these~ things, He expired.

1 Thessalonians 4:14-17: 14For if (and it is true) we continually commit trust that Jesus died off and resurrected, so also The God shall lead through /Jesus the+ ones being reposed in sleep together with Him. 15For this~ we are saying to you& by means of 0Lord’s 0Word. ‘‘Ourselves, the+ ones absolutely living who[article as pronoun] are being left around unto the coming presence of The Lord, should not antecede the+ ones being reposed in sleep[in death]. 16Because The Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shouted directive, with 0archangel’s call, and with God’s trumpet. And the dead+ ones in Christ shall be resurrected first. 17Thereupon we ourselves, the+ ones absolutely living who[article as pronoun] are being left around, at the same time shall be snatched away together with them in 0shaped clouds for the purpose of a meeting up with The Lord in 0air. And so we shall be together with 0Lord all the time.

Revelation 5:1-5: 1And I beheld a scroll, standing written inside and /on backsideand standing securely sealed with seven seals[signet], upon the right of The+ One sitting upon the throne. 2And I beheld a strong angel proclaiming as an herald in a great call, Who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose the seals of it? 3And not+ one in /Heaven /above, neither upon the Earth, nor underneath the Earth, was able to open the scroll nor to see it. 4And I myself kept loudly weeping much because not+ one was found worthy to open /and to . read the scroll, nor to see it. 5And one of the elders says to me, Stop weeping loudly! Lo! The Lion, The+ One /beingof the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, overcame to open the scroll and to loose the seven seals[signet] of it.

Matthew 24:29-31: 29Woe to you&, O hypocrites, scribes and Pharisees! because you& build the burial places of the prophets and you& adorn the memorial graves of the righteous+ ones, 30and you& say, If (and it is not true) we were existing in the days of our /fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. 31So that you& testify of yourselves that you& are sons of the ones who murdered the prophets.

Matthew 25:31-46: 31Whenever The Son of /Man[ the human] come in His /glory[exaltation.with majestic radiant splendor] and all the holy angels [in company]with Him, at that time He shall sit upon His throne of glory[exaltation.with majestic radiant splendor] 32and all the nations shall be gathered together in front[before the. face] of Him. And He shall segregate them from one another even as the shepherd segregates the sheep away from the goats. 33And He shall stand, on the one hand the sheep on His right&, but on the other hand the kids on |His| left&. 34At that time the King shall say to the+ ones on His right&, Come&! You&, having been blessed[extolled, eulogized] ones& of My /Father, inherit The Kingdom having been prepared for you& from 0world’s foundation! 35For I hungered and you& gave to Me |something| to eat. I thirsted and you& gave Me water to drink. I was a stranger and you& accommodated Me, 36naked and you& cast |something| around Me. I was chronically infirm and you& visited Me. I was in a protective guardhouse and you& came to[the face of] Me. 37At that time the righteous+ ones shall answer Him, saying, O Lord, at what time did we behold You$ hungering and we nourished |You$|? or thirsting and we gave |You$| water to drink? 38But at what time did we behold You$ a stranger and we accommodated |You$|? Or naked and we cast |something| around |You$|? 39Then at what time did we behold You$ infirm or in a protective guardhouse and we came to[the face of] You$? 40And the King shall answer and say to them, Amen, I am saying to you&, For as many times as you& did to one+ of the least of these My /brothers, you& did to Me. 41At that time He shall say also to the+ ones on 0left&, Journey away from Me, you& cursed+ ones, unto the eternal /fire, |namely| the~ one having been prepared for the devil and his /angels!

Matthew 13:24-30,36-43,47-50: 24He served[placed alongside] another[same kind] parable to them, saying, The Kingdom of the Heavens is likened to a human |who| sowed intrinsically good seed in his /field. 25But during the process of the humans sleeping, his /enemy came and sowed tares back midst the wheat and departed. 26But when the grass sprouted and produced fruit, at that time the tares appeared also. 27Then the bondslaves of the house-master approached and said to him, O lord, you$ sowed intrinsically good seed in your$ /field, did you$ not? Then from what place is it having the tares? 28In response he expressed to them, A human enemy did this~. Then the bondslaves said to him, Therefore are you$ determinedly willing |that| we depart and collect them? 29But he expressed, No! lest ever while collecting the tares, you& uproot the wheat at the same time with them. 30Permit both to increase together til the harvest! And in the time[season] of the harvest I will say to the reapers, First collect the tares! And bind them into bundles in order to utterly burn them up! Then gather together the wheat into my /barn!

Romans 14:10-12: 10Then why are you$ yourself judging your$ /brother? Or also yourself, why are you$ treating your$ brother with contempt? For we all shall present[to.stand alongside] ourselves alongside The Christ’s judgment seat[Baymah] on steps. 11For it stands written,[Isa. 45:23] I Myself am continuously absolutely living, 0Lord is repeatedly saying, ‘‘Every knee shall bend in veneration to Me and every tongue shall publicly confess to The God.’’ 12So then therefore each+ of us shall give account[word] concerning himself to The God.

2 Corinthians 5:10,11: For it is absolutely necessary for all the+ ones referring to us to be displayed in front of /Christ’s /judgment seat[Báymah] on steps in order that each+ one retrieve [receive back again] the~ things in accord with[the face of] what he practiced by means of the body, whether beneficially good, whether evil[includes.worthless]. 11Therefore we, because being aware of the fear of The Lord, continually persuade humans, but we stand being displayed by God. But I continually hope also to stand being displayed in the consciences of yours.

Revelation 19:6-9: 6And I heard as a 0sound of a large crowd and as a sound of many waters and as a sound of strong thunders repeatedly saying, Alleluia! because Lord our The God, The Almighty constantly reigns. We are to continually rejoice and continually be exceedingly glad! And we are to give the glory[ exaltation with majestic radiant splendor] to Him! because the marriage of The Lamb is come and His /wife prepared herself. 8And it was given to her that she cast around herself clean and white fine linen[special species of flax]. For the fine linen[special species of flax] is the righteousnesses[2 Cor. 9:10] of the saints. 9And he says to me, Write at once! Blessed[favored and happy because of all God's beneficent.gifts] |are| the+ ones standing invited[summoned] unto the marriage /dinner of The Lamb. And he says to me, These are the genuine /sayings of The God.

Revelation 19:11-16: 11And I beheld /Heaven standing opened. And lo a white horse! and The+ One sitting upon it is being titled, Faithful and Genuine. And in righteousness He continually judges and wages war. 12Now His /eyes as a flame of fire and upon His /head many diadems! and having /names standing written anda name standing written, which not one+ perceived except Himself, 13and an outer garment standing dipped in blood having been cast around |Him| and His /name being titled, The Word of The God! 14And the troops, [the~ ones] in /Heaven standing clothed in white and clean fine linen[special species of flax], were continually following Him upon white horses. 15And a two-edged, sharp, large broadsword proceeds out of His /mouth in order that He smite the nations by means of it and he shall shepherd them by means of a sceptre of iron. And He Himself treads the winepress of the wine of the passionate wrath and of the anger of The Almighty /God. 16And He continually has a name standing written upon the outer garment and upon the thigh of His, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Luke 19:12-26: 12Therefore He said, A certain noble[well-born] human[generic] journeyed unto a remote[far off] region to receive a kingdom for himself and to return. 13Now he summoned ten bondslaves of his[himself.] and gave to them ten minas[see * below] And he said to[the face of] them, Continually carry on trading business until I come! 14But his /citizens were continually hating him. And they sent[with commission] an embassy after him saying, We are determinedly not willing for this+ one to reign over us. 15And it came to pass in the act of him coming back again and receiving the kingdom, /in fact\ he said that these /bondslaves, to whom he gave the silver money, |are| to be called to him in order that he know[from experience] who gained [worked] what~ through trading business. 16Then the first+ one emerged alongside saying, O Lord, your$ /mina* gained[worked] in addition, ten minas*. 17And he said to him, Well, O beneficially good bondslave, because you& became a faithful+ one in a very least thing~, be having authority over ten cities!18And the second came saying, O Lord, your$ /mina* made five minas*. 19Then he said also to him, You$ yourself also become over five cities! 20And another[different kind] came, saying, O Lord, lo! your$ /mina*, which I was continually having standing laid away in a sweatcloth. 21For I was constantly fearing you$ because you& are an austere human. You& carry off what you& did not lay down and you& reap what you& did not sow. 22Then he says to him, Out of your$ /mouth I will judge you$, O wicked bondslave. You& were aware that I myself am an austere human, carrying off what I did not lay down and reaping what I did not sow. 23In fact, because of what did you& not give my /silver money over to the |banker’s| table? And when coming I[myself] would collect[practice] it with interest. 24And he said to the+ ones who stood alongside, Carry off the mina* away from him! And give |it| to the+ one having the ten minas*. 25And they said to him, O Lord, he has ten minas*. 26For I am saying to you&, ‘‘To every one who[article as prnoun] is having, it shall be given. But away from the+ one not having, even what he is having shall be carried off away from him.

Matthew 11:28-30: 28Come tol Me! all you&[article as pronoun] wearying in labor and perpetually burdened+ ones and I will refreshingly repose you&. 29Carry off My /yoke upon you& and learn[be discipled by means of] by practice from Me because I am meek[patient submissive suffering of offences] and humble in heart! And you& shall find refreshing repose for your& souls[natural lives]. 30For My /yoke |is| kind and My /burden is light weight.

Matthew 28:18-20: And when /Jesus approached[he face of], He spoke to them, saying, All authority is given to Me in Heaven and upon Earth. 19Therefore journey& and consecutively disciple[train by intimate process] |people of all the nations, then baptize them in the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit 20and repeatedly teach them publicly to keep all~ things watchfully secure as many as I commanded you&! And lo! I Myself am being continually with[in midst of] you& all the days until the consummation of the age. Amen!

Matthew 11:29: Carry off My /yoke upon you& and learn[be discipled by means of] practice from Me because I am meek[patient submissive suffering of offences] and humble in heart! And you& shall find refreshing repose for your& souls[natural lives].

Romans 16:17: Now I entreat you&, O brothers, continually pay close attention to the+ ones producing the dissensions and the offences[scandals, causes of stumbling] contrary to the doctrine which you& yourselves learned by practice in discipleship! And continually eschew away from them!

Ephesians 4:20: But you& yourselves did not in this way train as a disciple with reference to The Christ.

Philippians 4:9,11: What~ things you& both learned by practice in discipleship and accepted[with the mind] alongside and heard and beheld in me, continually practice these~ things! And The God of the peace shall be [in company]with you&.

Colossians 1:7: from which day you& heard and completely acknowledged[from experience] the grace of The God in truth according as also you& trained[learned by practice] as a disciple from Ehpahfráhs, the beloved fellow-bondslave of ours, who is a faithful domestic [deacon] servant of Christ in behalf of you&, . . .

2 Timothy 3:14,15: 14But you$ yourself continually abide in 0things in which you$ trained as a disciple and you$ were proved faithful, being aware of alongside of whom you$ trained as a disciple 15and that from a baby you$ were aware of The Sacred Scriptures, which[article as pronoun] are able to make you$ wise unto salvation through faith[committed trust] which[article as pronoun] is in Christ Jesus.

Romans 4:13-16: 13For the promise[Gen. 17:4-8] to Abraham or to his /Seed$ for him to be the heir of the world |is| not through 0law, but[on the contrary] through 0righteousness of 0faith[committed trust]. 14For if (and asssume it is true) the+ ones by means of the law |are| heirs, the faith[committed trust] stands made void and the promise stands negated. 15For the law performs anger. For where there is not law, neither |is there| transgression. 16Because of this |it is by means of faith[committed trust], that |it be| according to grace in order for the promise to be steadfast to every /seed$, not to the+ one by means of the law only, but[on the contrary] also to the+ one by means of Abraham’s 0faith[committed trust], who is 0father of us all . . .

Romans 6:11-18: 11So also you& yourselves reckon yourselves! on the one hand to be dead+& ones to the sin but on the other hand absolutely living+& ones to /God in Christ Jesus, The Lord of ours. 12Therefore the sin is to stop reigning in the mortal body of yours& so that you& |not| continue obeying it in its /cravings! 13Neither continue yielding your& /members as weapons[war implements] of unrighteousness for the sin! But[on the contrary] offer[to present] yourselves at once |as sacrifices| to The God, as ones absolutely living&+ out of 0dead& ones and your /members as weapons[war implements] of righteousness for The God! 14For sin shall not exercise lordship over you&. For you& are not under 0law, but[on the contrary] under grace. 15What then? Should we sin, because we are not under 0law, but[on the contrary] under grace? May it never be! 16You& are aware, are you& not? That to whom you& yield yourselves bondslaves unto obedience, you& are bondslaves to whom you& are continually obeying, either[restrictive, one of two; this first naturally] to sin unto death, or to obedience unto righteousness? 17But gratitude |be to The God! because you& were continually 0bondslaves to the sin, but you& obeyed out of 0heart in regard to which type of doctrine you& were delivered. 18Then since being freed+ ones from bondage away from the sin, you& became enslaved to the righteousness.

Hebrews 1:10-12: And,[Ps. 102:25-27] You$ Yourself, with respect to beginning, Lord, laid 0foundation with reference to the Earth. And the Heavens are 0works of Your$ /hands. 11They shall perish, but You$ are continuously remaining constant[ throughout]. And they all shall decay[be made obsolete] as an outer garment; 12And You$ shall fold them up as if a wrap[what is cast around] and they shall be changed, but You$ Yourself are continuously The Same+ and Your$ /years shall not fail[pass away].

Hebrews 13:8: Jesus Christ, The Same yesterday and today and for      /ever!

Ephesians 5:17: Because of this stop& becoming imprudent+ ones! but[on the contrary] ones persistently understanding+ what the determined will of The Lord |is|.

Romans 3:11: There[he] is not the+ understanding one, there [he] is not the+ one diligently seeking The God (quote of LXX: Ps. 14:2; 53:2).

1 Corinthians 8:4: Therefore concerning the eating of the things sacrificed to idols, we are aware[Is. 41:23,24] that an idol |is| not one~ thing in the sphere of world[kosmos] and that not one+ other[different kind] |is| God except One+.

John 3:2,3: 2This one+ came to[to the face of] /Jesus at nighttime and he said to Him, Rahb-bée[O Great One], we perceive that You$, A Teacher, have come from God. For not one+ is continually able repeatedly to do these /miraculous signs which You$ Yourself are repeatedly doing unless The God be with[in midst of] him. 3/Jesus answered and said to him, Amen, amen I am saying to you$, Unless anyone be born[begotten] from above[or again, cf. Gal. 4:9], he is not able to behold the Kingdom of The God.

Ephesians 3:3-5,20: According to revelation He made known to me the mystery (according as I wrote before in a few |words|); 4with reference to which, as you& are reading, you& [futuristic present]are able to comprehend my /understanding in the mystery of Christ) 5Which in other[different kind] generations was not made known to the sons of the humans as now is being revealed to the holy apostles and prophets of His by means of 0Spirit; . . . 20Now to The+ One continually able to do super-abundantly beyond all~ things which[article as pronoun] we petition or comprehend according to the miraculous power which effectively continually works of itself in us,

Acts 19:15: Then the wicked /spirit answered and said, I know[from experience] /Jesus and I am acquainted[know intellectually] with /Paul. But yourselves, who are you&?

Acts 18:25: This+ one was orally instructed in the way of The Lord. And being fervent[boiling] in The Spirit, he continued speaking and teaching accurately the~ things concerning The Lord, being acquainted only with the baptism of John.

James 3:13: Who |is| a wise+ and an intellectually knowledgeable+ one among you&? He is to show out of his[article as pronoun] intrinsically good conduct of life his /works in meekness of wisdom.

1 John 2:3-5: 3And by means of this we know[from experience] that we definitely know[from experience] Him, if (and it may be) we continually keep the commandments of His watchfully secure. 4The+ one repeatedly claiming[to say], I know[from experience] Him, and is not continually keeping of the commandments of His watchfully secure, is a liar and the truth is not in this+ one. 5But who ever continually keep The Word of His watchfully secure, truly in this+ one the love of The God is perfectly completed. By means of this we know[from experience] that we are continually in Him.

Romans 11:34: For who begins to know[from experience] Lord’s comprehension? Or who became His counselor?

Colossians 1:9,10: 9Because of this we ourselves also, from which day we heard, do not of ourselves stop praying and petitioning of ourselves in behalf of you& in order that you& be fully filled with the knowledge[from experience] of His /determined will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding 10in order that you& walk worthily of The Lord, pleasure-giving unto all, continually bearing fruit in every beneficially good work and increasing in the knowledge[from experience] of The God, . . .

Luke 24:16,31: But their /eyes were being repressed[take hold of mightily] in order not to recognize[clearly know from experience] Him. . . .Then their /eyes were completely opened up and they recognized[clearly know from experience] Him. And He Himself became A Vanished+ One away from them.

John 16:15: All~ things as many~ as The Father is continuously having are continuously belonging to Me. Because of this~ I said, ‘‘He shall receive out of what[article as pronoun] belongs to Me and He shall announce |it| to you&.

Ephesians 3:3-5: According to revelation He made known to me the mystery (according as I wrote before in a few |words|); 4with reference to which, as you& are reading, you& [futuristic present]are able to comprehend my /understanding in the mystery of Christ) 5Which in other[different kind] generations was not made known to the sons of the humans as now is being revealed to the holy apostles and prophets of His by means of 0Spirit.

| | understood $singular &plural /the 0no article +masculine ~neuter
[ ]basic meaning
/ \ manuscripts divided
1mina = 50 shekels or 9 months pay so 10 minas = 7½ years pay; 5 minas = 3¾ years pay

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