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The Gospels: A Precise Translation Download Page

Please do one step at a time in sequence, as you go down the page.
Before you try to download The APT file, please download the foxit reader program that will open up the APT.pdf file and let you read it and let you print different pages from it,
unless you already have an .pdf program that will let you read .pdf files

If you have any problems please let us know?

Click this link to download this excellent PDF document Reader:
this Takes you to the Foxit Reader Download Page.

When you download the APT, Please consider committing yourself to read a portion
(one or more pages) of your copy every day for the next year.

(If you read one page a day you will finish The Gospels in a year)

We trust The God will richly bless you as your read it.

Download this .pdf document by clicking on this link. then once it opens up in your computer then click on the down arrow button to save it to you computer where you can open it at any time without being on the web!
The Gospels: A Precise Translation.pdf

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Last modified: August 30, 2017